Friday, 6 February 2015

642-447 Exam Question


Which three options correctly describe the role of a subsequent node in a Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 cluster? (Choose three.)

A. processes IP telephony calls
B. collects CDRS
C. replicates the database to other Cisco Unified CallManager servers
D. maintains read-only copies of the configuration database

Correct Answer: A,B,D

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cisco launches The ONE Software Suite

Cisco executives promise that your Cisco ONE Software Suite will be very sticky for channel.Cisco ONE (Open Networking Environment) comes in the form of a software licensing program that provides the flexibility for customers to acquire the latest software infrastructure.

Cisco is trying to eliminate from its previous model, the method is a la carte products at prices separately.
Another critical point for customers was the license of the software to be hardware related. That was under the Cisco ONE perpetual license for the duration of the program product.With the new system, Cisco ONE covers the data center, WAN and software for network access as a subscription, a Cisco first. And later this year, Cisco ONE perpetual supply licenses.John Brigden, senior vice president of strategy and operations software Cisco said that this is a new software strategy for the company.

This helps transform Cisco sales (commercial) results instead of products. The software is not new to Cisco (Cisco is behind Microsoft, SAP, IBM and Oracle in software revenue). We are moving from a focus on technology to a focus on the end-user experience, Brigden said.Cisco ONE offers flexibility and larger business unit and increased margins incentives through the Value Incentive Program (VIP), OIP, and TIP.It prevents most sales cycles for partners channel, which is related to the maintenance and software support with SmartNet brings in a more predictable source of income, Brigden said.

"This is very sticky for partners."

Cisco also announced the IT managed Meraki Cloud technology. The offer managed IT Cloud includes monitoring and centralized management, network infrastructure, unified threat management and mobile management. What you will find is a SaaS model with constant operation, delivery feature simplified and automated maintenance management.

We realized that cloud managed IT is not limited to wireless technology and can scale to the entire on-premise environment. This includes switching and routing with advanced services such as Iwan and Swan, and location analysis, said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president of enterprise products and solutions from Cisco. For channel, Meraki makes it possible to capture recurring revenue with license management cloud and managed services. It also expands the portfolio managed cloud security partner, change, mobility management and mobile business.

This makes the technology disappear, Soderberg said. Meraki is a single suite for the corporate network stack cloud. MDM has, changing security and managed by a single point.Currently Cisco has 158 partners worldwide who provide managed IT cloud solution. Members can do more with Meraki and can lower the market in mid-market and trade with new types of MSP that can serve the company. This is a place where you could not reach before, Soderbery added.

Monday, 2 February 2015

642-447 Exam Question


A Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster contains a publisher and four subscriber nodes. If the publisher becomes unavailable, which three of these statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. All on-net calls are dropped.
B. The Informix database automatically locks.
C. All IP telephony devices continue to operate.
D. New Cisco Unified Communications Manager devices can be configureD.
E. Available Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers work from the local backup database.
F. The Informix database will save configuration changes on subscribers to be uploaded to the publisher when available.

Correct Answer: B,C,E

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why Cisco May Miss The Boat On SDN

(CSCO NASDAQ) is a leading software defined (SDN) network provider Some analysts have called Cisco Systems, Inc.This is because they announced plans for its Infrastructure Centric application, its SDN solution. Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) has published a series of products of SDN, as well as a series of switches, all running on JUNOS programming. Both projects have a fatal flaw, however.

In the past, these important network hardware companies have market shares dominated lock-in customers. With Cisco hardware runs its own proprietary protocol have all the infrastructure of a customer network must be built on the same hardware vendor. When it came to replacing, repairing or extending the network infrastructure, the supply would again come from Cisco. Now, with his Centric Infrastructure application, they will try to create the same type of lock-in, as SDN integrated into the network infrastructure of data centers and service companies.

On this occasion, the major carriers like AT & T and Verizon Wireless are having ein Negara Lock-in client-equipment suppliers. SDN separates intelligence rotate from the hardware itself, putting the focus on el-Software. As a result, networks can be built using cheap generic is a team interchangeable.Such refers eine targeted Hardware Hardware box. It is available from many vendors, including foreign fabric with much cheaper prices than Cisco or Juniper. This makes the hardware with vendor specific protocol in its most irrelevant.

The Flugzeuge for future infrastructure rot both Verizon and AT & T have already stopped Cisco Out photo. Domain AT & T 2.0, a complete restructuring of its rot, says in the notes that have strong aversion to being locked into a specific vendor protocol, thus preventing them from continuing with the options of Caja Blanca. In the same report notes that the new infrastructure will enable new partnerships with companies that have not been traditional telecommunications providers. In fact, many of these associations have already been established with private companies for Software. The names include Meta-switched networks, Tail-F Systems and Networks für Heiss. Service Carriers require customization of these new networks, that is not being supplied by Cisco.

The IDC estimates the SDN market will grow to $3.7 billion in 2016 and to $8 billion by 2018. This is compared to $360 million in 2013. This market share will not be captured in majority by the traditional network providers, but by the upcoming private software vendors that have already begun work with major carriers. As SDN becomes more and more of a reality, Cisco may not only miss out on new market share, but may lose its current business as well in what will soon become old technology.

59.7% of Cisco's business comes from data communications equipment, which is the switches, routers, and modems that major carriers will no longer demand once their restructuring plans set in. Further evidence can be seen in AT&T's capital expenditures over the last few years.

AT & T recently announced a budget for capital expenditure in the graph clearly visible. Total CapEx $ 18 billion in 2011 decreased to 5 billion US dollars in 2013 shows his moves to reduce costs and change the network architecture. In the same period, Cisco margins of 61.2% have fallen to 58.9%. It is a statistical relationship between the two, so return an adjusted R-square of 0.867 in linear regression. Although this statistical analysis is far from complete, is not it show a fairly strong correlation between the two variables, supporting the idea that the central business Cisco damage with reduced investment and demand for services providers.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

642-447 Exam Question


You need to establish a connection from your Cisco Unified CallManager cluster to a service provider's registrar server. Which trunk type should you select?

A. intercluster trunk (non-gatekeeper-controlled)
B. intercluster trunk (gatekeeper-controlled)
C. H.225 trunk (gatekeeper-controlled)
D. SIP trunk

Answer : D

642-447 Exam Question

QUESTION NO : 10 Lumber Company phones are configured to use AAR to reroute a call when the call is rejected due to insufficient IP WAN bandwidth. Which AAR configuration parameter will prevent a call originating at a lobby phone from using AAR when CAC rejects the call due to insufficient bandwidth?

A. disabling AAR for the specific DN
B. changing the AAR Calling Search Space in the IP phone line settings
C. changing the AAR Group information
D. changing the AAR External Phone Number masks

Answer : B

Friday, 5 December 2014

Cisco ONE Software

Beginning in 2015, Cisco will offer Cisco ONE Software, a new way for customers to purchase infrastructure software. Cisco ONE Software offers a simplified purchasing model, centered on common customer scenarios in the data center, wide area network, and local access networks.

Cisco ONE Software provides customers with four key benefits:

  • Software products that address typical customer use scenarios at an attractive price
  • Investment protection of their software purchase through license portability
  • Access to ongoing innovation and new technology from Cisco incorporated into the products
  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer's software spend over time


With over 20 years of technology development, uses Cisco software to offer tremendous value for the customer.For example,innovations such as Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure greater programmability, ease of use and security across the enterprise.With Cisco Software ONE,customers can now extract the value of the software in groups of products to address the common challenges in three domains WAN access networks and data centers/cloud networks.

Cisco ONE software focuses on business outcomes,shared cases.It cuts through the complexity of the software features, product is designed for product dissociates the property of these features hardware and operating system is used. This separation means that the rights are portable across multiple generations of hardware.It offers customers the ability to acquire and use new skills in practice by an integrated license portal.

You get the software you need,when you need it.You can specify where the software runs without complications.You licenses can also use the procurement processes and management to optimize.There is ONE with Cisco software is possible.


Cisco ONE Software provides customers with four compelling benefits.

Investment Protection

Cisco ONE Software protects a customer's software investment through license portability. Licenses are transferable between generations of devices, eliminating the requirement to repurchase software when upgrading to new hardware.For a small fee, customers may also transfer their licenses to a higher-tier family of products or from a physical to a virtual device. Software investments made today will last into the future, even as technical or business requirements may change.

Less Complexity, Greater Value

Cisco ONE Software consists of software products,the most common customer scenarios.At the same time, offers advanced functions (eg energy management) in order to increase profits for the purpose customer.The reduces complexity and value,especially in the ordering process.Customers no longer have to build long ensure that the necessary software is included.Software Cisco ONE breaks these software products in one place,simplifying the process and the risk of accident without a software component needed.

Access to Ongoing Innovation

Traditionally, when Cisco launched new products, either through internal development or acquisition, the customer must purchase these products separately. Do not run on the existing, but obsolete equipment with Cisco Software ONE, and the associated software maintenance contract customers to ongoing software updates and improvements within the suite.If these functions, then portability title software allows the software to the latest transfer models. Moreover, as Cisco Announces New Products and Features in Cisco ONE software immediately.Cisco intention to add permanent users on these latest features capabilities in software products, is justified.

Flexible Licensing Models

Software Cisco ONE offers customers new drawings for licensing company agreements and other options and use your software. With a subscription license, the customer may pay fixed annual software licenses, updates, portability, and support a fee. Customers can count on predictable licensing agreements expenses.Enterprise technology offer even greater for customers willing to commit to a higher level of spending for the Cisco ONE software, together with the autonomous cooperation and security packages discounts. Customers designate a general commitment and have the ability to distribute this amount over time.


Manage Software The Easy Way

Pairing software and hardware support with project-based services is a great way to reduce costs and keep your business on track. Our Software Support Service is a prerequisite for Cisco ONE Software. Then, to support your infrastructure hardware and OS software, you can select the additional service of SMARTnet or Smart Net Total Care. And for IT strategy and project-based services, take a look at our professional services portfolio.

Software Support

Software Support Service (SWSS) provides the technical support expertise you need to navigate the rich features and functionality of Cisco ONE Software. Additional benefits to your organization are license portability along with access to continuous software innovation. Enhancements and additions to Cisco ONE Software are included. SWSS can be purchased or renewed in yearly increments.

Infrastructure And OS Support

To cover your infrastructure hardware and OS software, we recommend Cisco SMARTnet or Cisco Smart Net Total Care. These services are available globally for the hardware on which Cisco ONE Software is deployed. While both of these support services include access to the Technical Assistance Center, Smart Net Total Care includes additional smart features, such as alerts management and proactive diagnostics along with device and contract management.

Professional Services

For assistance with your IT initiatives, our professional services can be easily paired with Cisco ONE Software.These services have been designed to accelerate innovation in your IT environment. To plan IT initiatives, take a look at our quick start services, such as Quick Start Service for Nexus 9K. And to gain maximum value, optimization services, such as Network Optimization Service, are available for all data center, WAN, and access capabilities included with Cisco ONE Software.